Zwiesel Simplify Light & Fresh Sparkling – Set of 6

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Handmade, light and high quality Champagne glass of elegant look and splendid clarity, for the discerning Connoisseur.

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Schott Zwiesel

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Formal Entertainment, Indulgence, Icon & Invest



From Zwiesel in the Bavarian Forest, these glasses have been treasured by the world’s finest hosts and most discerning guests since 1872, and have stood for Tradition, innovation & technology ever since to create high quality crystal glassware of brilliant clarity, robust and long lasting.

The products of the Zwiesel brands are valued by the world’s finest hosts and most discerning guests – professionals, retailers and individuals. Standing out for quality and service, from individual to community, from drinking to enjoyment. Appreciated by true connoisseurs, they can be found wherever people prioritize enjoyment and conviviality.

SIMPLIFY, the gourmet glass series, is oriented towards the world‘s major wine styles, leveraging on aroma profiles. Enjoy red and white wine from the same glass size – intuitive and uncomplicated. The taste of the wine forms the impulse generator for the design of the glass. Any shape is the perfect match for a wine style.

Mouth-blown crystal glasses are the sign of a real connoisseur for many wine lovers around the world. They are particularly good at accentuating the finest aromas and textures. Every glass is a piece of pure craftsmanship, unique in its shape, delicate and elegant.



Capacity: 407 mL

Set of 6 glasses

A slightly curved goblet ensures the perfect presence of aromas. Straight-lined, feather-light, with a distinctive kink on the base: the design stands for classic, purist timelessness. A broad surface gives the wine plenty of room to take effect.

Fresh, crisp and full of surprises – lean-tasting or fine sparkling wines with delicate body and a fresh vitality.

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