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Le Connoisseur Club

Exclusive service for access to unique offers

Le Connoisseur club is an exclusive, ultra-premium events and concierge service for French wine lovers. We offer a program of dinners and tastings with prestigious wine producers and sommeliers all year round. We are always delighted to arrange bespoke events.

You will receive priority access to some of the finest and rarest wines in the world, benefit from curated investment advice, and bespoke guidance on buying and enjoying wines.

Cellar Management

Optimizing your collection

Managing your own cellar can be overwhelming. Based on your taste, consumption occasions, preferences, requirement and budget, we offer bespoke cellar guidance from our highly trained advisors.

Our knowledge and insight, combined with a deep understanding of your needs as a wine collector and consumer, are essential to tailor your optimal cellar and assist you in organizing, sourcing and managing it.

Wine Cellar - Assignment Number: 146291

Wine Investment

Leveraging fine wines unique returns as an investment

As with other investments, fine wines have the ability to offer attractive risk-adjusted returns as well as an added diversification due to a low correlation with other asset classes. Since its inception in 1988, the Liv-ex Benchmark Fine Wine Investables Index has grown at an average annualized growth rate of 14.8%

Wine Investment has to be carefully assessed and advised, as not all wines present same opportunities. We offer advice on best investment mechanics and relation with dedicated wine investment funds.

Whenever we will prepare a new order, we will reach out to offer the opportunity for exclusive or pre-arranged sourced at discounted prices, in exchange for a deposit.
Wines are then sourced directly from France and delivered as soon as Container is received.